The illustrator

Kanako graduated from the Tama-Art University of Tokyo and arrived in Paris in 2005. It was love at first sight. The illustrator and her pencils settled in a little flat under the roofs. On her tiny balcony, she would observe Parisians, sketch them and fill entire notebooks with her drawings. In 2008, at the time when the whole My Little Paris adventure was taking shape, Kanako met Amandine, the co-founder of the website. Once again, it was love at first sight and Kanako became the illustrator of My Little Paris. Since then she has been bringing colors to the lives of Parisians with her brushes and Japanese ink.

The conceptor

Amandine is the writer of My Little Paris. She has a soft spot for words and loves finding incredible addresses. But above all, she likes to observe Parisians. To decipher their mannerisms, their favorite sentences, their typical turns of phrases, their habits, their ephemeral fancies… She co-wrote the first My Little Paris book, Le Paris secret des Parisiennes (My Little Paris, the best kept secrets) at the Éditions du Chêne, sold in 80,000 copies and translated into 5 languages. In 2012, with the same editor, she imagined and created the book Les Parisiens: Ce qu’ils disent, ce qu’ils font, ce qu’ils pensent (Parisians: what they say, what they do, what they think.) illustrated by Kanako.